Member, Hazel Stark


Co-Founder/Co-CEO & Naturalist Educator, Maine Outdoor School, L3C

Fish Friends Coordinator, Maine Council of the Atlantic Salmon Federation

Hazel grew up in the woods of Maine, choosing a tent in the forest as her bedroom five months out of the year from age 9 until she left for college at 18. This reverence for the outdoors persisted into her studies at College of the Atlantic and into England, where she studied ethnobotany. Realizing that her true passion was in educating people about the natural world led Hazel to teach in outdoor schools and other environmental education organizations across the country from California, to Wyoming, to New Hampshire, and back to Maine in order to Co-Found Maine Outdoor School, L3C. Hazel also completed the Teton Science Schools’ Graduate Program, holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic, and a Professional Science Master's degree in Resource Management and Conservation from Antioch University New England. During her free time, she can be found hiking, knitting, photographing nature, or writing and producing “Mainely Phenology,” a weekly radio show and complementary blog on the nature of Maine for WERU-FM. Hazel currently lives in Washington County and is passionate about increasing meaningful outdoor learning opportunities in rural Maine.