Resources for Educators

Environmental Literacy Plan (ELP)

MEEA's accomplishments in researching, writing, advocating for official adoption, promoting, and leading the current implementation phase of Maine's Environmental Literacy Plan make it a national leader in Environmental Literacy. MEEA is the lead organization in Maine currently working on implementing Maine's ELP. In addition,  MEEA is continually supporting ELP development regionally.  For example,  in 2012 MEEA planned and hosted a regional Environmental Literacy Leadership Summit where leaders from the six New England Affiliates met to share strategies to better implement environmental literacy across New England.

Click here to download Maine's Environmental Literacy Plan

Principles and Practices for Effective Environmental Literacy Experiences

The Maine Environmental Literacy Plan (ELP) states that the first major step in accomplishing the goals of the plan is to convene a group that will establish research-based principles and practices for meaningful environmental literacy experiences applicable to settings in and out of school, and to formal and informal education. These principles and practices will then form the foundation for state-wide coherence in environmental literacy education. To this end, Maine Audubon convened a working group of educators and other stakeholders to establish research- based principles and practices for effective environmental literacy experiences.

Educators can use this document to:

  • Identify existing exemplary environmental literacy programs

  • Design high-quality environmental literacy programs

  • Design professional development based on these principles and practices

  • Evaluate environmental literacy programming

Click here to download the Principles and Practices for Effective Environmental Literacy Experiences