Board Member, Adrian Ayson


With over 35 years in environmental education, Adrian has held senior leadership roles such as Director of Education at the Massachusetts Audubon Society, Director of Operations at the Center for Whole Communities, Senior Program Manager at the North American Association for Environmental Education, and as Executive Director of the New England Environmental Education Alliance. He has developed and managed projects ranging from strategic plans, community-based interpretive plans, educational programs, exhibits, and curriculum materials for conservation organizations, museums, parks, and nature centers. Adrian has conceived and implemented many large, complex projects with multi-functional teams and work groups for conferences, long-range planning, multi-media productions, and multi-year, multi-partner curriculum and training projects. He has served as president and treasurer of the New England Environmental Education Alliance and the Massachusetts Environmental Education Society, and as editor of the New England Journal of Environmental Education. As NEEEA’s Executive Director, Adrian has led the development and implementation of major initiatives such as the 2012-2013 EPA Environmental Literacy Sub-Grants program, the 2012-2014 EECapacity New England Regional Consortium, and 2014's Better Together Summit. Adrian served as MEEA’s Projects Manager from 2012-2019, working with the board to develop and implement long range plans, annual conferences, major grant proposals, and training and leadership development programs. Adrian also manages MEEA’s operations, from financials to business matters, compliance, communications platforms and constituent databases.